"Feels like you've got something incredible - like I'm opening a Notion-level product in VR." —S.

“It honestly feels like what I imagine people felt when they saw spreadsheets on a computer, or a sophisticated word processor, for the first time." —A.

"I can't recommend this app enough. All in all, I think it's one of the top VR apps out there and the user experience and attention to detail is second to none." —B.

Softspace harnesses spatial computing to help thinkers and makers better see, understand, and develop the ideas that form the heart of their creative projects.

The next chapter in our story is SoftspaceAR, a passthrough augmented reality app.

We’re using an open-development model to quickly test a much wider range of ideas than we’ve been able to do before.

Over the coming months, we will release 5–10 prototypes to explore and (in)validate promising ways to harness augmented reality as a medium for thought.

These will be standalone apps that use the same core interaction paradigm, but are otherwise free to start from different points in the product idea maze.

Help us develop SoftspaceAR by trying the awesome prototypes, and letting us know your thoughts and ideas on the Softspace Discord.

Here are some fun places to start:

👉🏼 Check out our homepage

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